A Monster Calls

Cole Storey

10 Proverbs

  • Don`t see black and white- Conner

Conner doesn`t seem to be scared by the monster. Throughout the story, he seems to be a bland character.

  • The positive makes others positive- Conner`s Mum

During the book, she tends to be the one always helping Conner see the bright side of the situation.

  • The teacher doesn`t always tell stories- Monster
The Monster tells stories that apply to the situation.

  • See what other`s think, and improve- Conner`s Grandmother
Conner sees his Grandmother as weird and oblivious.

  • Don`t cry over spilled milk- Lilly
While at school,Conner was being bullied and Lilly tried to help him. She got in trouble and was blamed. Afterwards, she was angry at Conner for not returning the favor.

  • Forget about others and worry about yourself- Harry
At school, Harry was bullying Conner about his mum and how she was bald from disease

  • Don`t follow the trail of others- Sullivan
Sully was one of Harry`s "members".

  • Don`t have a dark side. Stay bright- Harry
Harry was known as the teacher`s pet, but bullied Conner at the same time.

  • Don`t make small thing turn into big problems- Conner`s Grandmother
One of her clocks were broken by the Monster, and she over reacted and punished Conner.

  • Don`t let dreams change reality- Conner
In the beginning, Conner has a nightmare, and it became reality in the end.