Health Guide



Have you ever thought,I whant to be Healthy your not alone many people whant to be Healthy. If you look at the Labl and nuntrys ent yul see you can be Healthy. That is how you can be Healthy!

6 nutryens

Peroten helps your ghoth.That givs you energ. Vitamint hlps you ues nuntryents .wart helps your body.Cerbody higgreas aer you Energ.

Food Lable

You shold look at the food ladl.You can look at the the are all the thing on a food ladl calres totl fat serving nutrition cholesterol sodiumtotl choerdod higgerats vidmin a vitamet c calcium lron.

Dietary Guielelines

make helfty food .they list the food you need.they exsplan why you need a helfty limit you shold try to get all 6 nutryents.tthey help you livloger


I whant to thcha you about the nutryents that you need. You shold eat the Nutryents you need. you need nutryeuts in y your body. you shold eat lots of nutryents. thats how you can stay healtHy.