Principal's News

Week 6, Term 2

Hump week .....

Yes, can you believe that we have hit the middle of the term. Everyone's hands should be 'very dirty' in learning at this stage.

Last Friday I went to a Principals Meeting, the best reality check that you can have. It was not all doom and gloom but I did hear stories of threats being made against teachers and students by crazy parents, carpark brawls, suspensions and provisional enrolments, gangs of thugs giving Gr 6's a fright before Secondary school .... and more. As I sat listening, I wondered about our school and about what might be different. It's easy to become complacent and smug but in reality, it could be us tomorrow. What I know is that there are a few factors that I hope that we have in place to prevent or at least lessen the devastating impact these events have on the entire community.

  1. Relationships that are built on respect
  2. Mature interactions with students
  3. A desire to get the best out of everyone because ...Every child matters
  4. A collective approach to student management

It's the little things that you do that add up to the positive culture at St Augustine's. A smile, a wink, a gentle approach, a quiet voice, a positive word, an 'I care' attitude, an encouraging comment and definitely no putdowns .....

Make sure that you begin your week with at least one of these. I promise, YOU will be the ultimate winner!

It's newsletter week ... do you have anything to contribute?

and the winner is ......

Congratulations to Danielle who won 2nd prize in the Bahay Tuluyan raffle. A spending spree in David Jones is on the way.

Who's doing what on Tuesday......

What a bazaar closure day! We are all off in different directions doing different things:

F/1 are off to OLSEL

2-6 are LAP'ing with Maree

Chris will use it as a network day

Jane swapped it for a Music PD on Saturday

Kathy will use it for Maths

Leadership team are using it to look at 'Leadership Capabilities'

Aides are getting ahead... for you

Christine is finalizing enrolments for 2014

oldie but a good one .... just think NAPLAN!

Mr. Bean taking Exam (High Quality)