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Students at REED School LOVE Books

This month's edition is dedicated to book reviews.

Little House in the Big Woods

Book Reviewed by: Lorelei

The title is Little House is the Bog Woods and it's written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and illustrated by Garth Williams. They used good words to make the story interesting. This book mainly takes place in the little house. I like when the father tells the stories to the little girls. I think you would like this book because of all the stories that the father tells the little girls. I also think you should read this book because the author makes some people think that they are in the place itself. I think you should read this book.

The Hamster Princess: Harriet The Invincible

Book Reviewed by: Danielle

The book I am reading is The Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible. This book is by Ursula Vernon. She is the award-winning creator of the Dragonbreath series.

The book is about a princess who's parents do not invite an evil rat to her birth and casts a spell on her. The spell is that she will fall asleep and nobody will be able to wake her up.

May favorite part was when the princess had a spell cast on her. The pictures and dialogue are very funny!

If good and funny is what you like, you will love this book!!

Dear Dumb Diary #8 It's Not My Fault, I Knew Everything

Book Reviewed by: Salena

From the New York bestselling author Jim Benton.

Jaime Kelly thinks she knows everything. Jamie and her cousin Angelina's dog is having puppies but Isabella is determined to get a puppy. Will Isabella get a puppy and will Jamie give up her beautiful hair. Did Jamie really step on the puppies head?

Find out in Dear Dumb Diary: It's Not My Fault I Know Everything

You will love this book because it has a lot of excitement and a lot of laughs.

Shoeless Joe and Me

Book Reviewed by: Andrew

I will introduce the book Shoeless Joe and Me. The characters are Joey and Shoeless Joe. My favorite part is when Joey meets Shoeless Joe. Joey can travel through time with baseball cards.

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