Second chance!

Looking for a second chance for bagging #TheBestTravelJob?

All of us have dreams and ambitions. And the one thing that most of us dream of is quitting our jobs to travel to our heart’s content. But it does not happen. We stick to doing things we do not like because we have to. Quitting a job is easier said than done. There are all the if’s and but’s that gushes out uncontrollably and we head back to square one unable to decide which path to take.

Well! Not any more. If you belong to the breed of wanderlust, this one is for you. Because it is time that you didn’t just travel, but you got paid to travel. Here is a contest that can win you #TheBestTravelJob. Read on and answer your calling. You can become the face of goMowgli in your city.

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What do I have to do?

  • Write a blog or a post about your city. It could be something that ignites the passion in you for your city, something that makes your city unique, a story about your city that you think everyone should know, a memorable moment you have had in your beloved city or anything that will make us fall in love with your city.
  • Post your stories along with a photo of yours on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Tag goMowgli on your posts AND use the hashtag #TheBestTravelJob.
  • On Facebook, ensure you keep the privacy settings of this post to ‘Public’.
  • Also, importantly, the last day to send in your entries is 25-Dec-2015. Hurry up!

Then what?

We will find you and if we like what we read, you will get a chance to work with us and be a face of goMowgli in your city. Also, if your story manages to move us, we will feature your story on all our social media platforms!

Terms and Conditions

  1. All participants must be 18 years and above.
  2. We reserve the rights to publish your stories and your pictures across all our social media channels and our partners. Posts without the hashtag or appropriate tags will not be considered.
  3. goMowgli’s decisions on winning participant is final and not up for negotiation. We reserve all rights and claims to judgement.
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