Andrea's Funeral Home

In this time of your loss we are here to help with all of your burial needs

Andrea's Funeral Home offers many different packages to choose from depending on your family needs. We know how hard this time is and we want to make this planning as simple as possible. We are a one stop shop you can come in pick your casket or urn that best fits, if you know where you would like your family member buried we can set that up so that up with the cemetery.

If you rather do cremation we can assist you with that and have a funeral service here in the building we have a pastor or you can bring your own. Also we set up for different religious views. So we can have the area where the ceremony is going to be held set up anyway you would like it.

Everything is up to you and we can do it. We also assist the family with someone to talk to for you to get through this tough time we know how hard it is to loose someone that is close to you. You name it we have also we have options that you could come in and prepare for this before someone's death. We deal with many cemeteries so that you could choose the best location for you and your family and if you would like a momentum or even if you want to buy several plots together we are able to help assist you with getting them so when the time comes the family will be together.

Come Shop with Andrea

We are here for all your funeral needs!! If you have any questions please feel free to step in we are here to answer any questions when it comes to dealing with the death of the loved one if we cant answer please believe we do have someone who can. You can set up an appointment or walk-in which ever is easiest for you we also have appointment times where we can come to you.

All Is Welcomed

Please stop by and speak to someone about all your burial needs. We also have halls available after the funeral with a catering company so that you and your family only need to worry about spending these last hours thinking and remising on your loved one.