Buying a car



  • Monthly Income
  • Maximum Vehicle Payment Amount
  • take your monthly payment times it by 20% to figure it out your Maximum Payment amount
  • Down Payment
  • Term of loan for a used and new car
  • Price of Vehicle I can afford

Sources for a vehicle in your budget?

  • You can go to find a vehicle in your budget by going to Kelly Blue book, or any name brand vehicle.

How to determine a fair price for your vehicle?

  • You can go to

Identify haggling tips for a consumer?

  • Give a Price that is lower then the target price.
  • make 2nd offer little bit higher then your first offer.
  • continue this until the final price is agreed upon.

What types of insurance coverage do you need for a vehicle you have a loan on?

  • you need full-coverage

how do you determine the best possible way to finance your vehicle?