March Madness

We are ALMOST a Senior Stylist Team!!

Hi Ladies!!

For those of you you have not met me yet, my name is Diana Healy and I am your Upline Leader! I joined S&D just over a year ago and I have loved being a part of this great company (not to mention the free jewels ;-)! I am a teacher by day, but love working my S&D biz part-time.

I have some exciting news to share-- we are VERY close to becoming a Senior Stylist Team! What does that mean? It means we ROCK, first of all! But it also means that we would sell $6k as a group this month, in addition to at least two of you qualifying (selling $500 or more). We have sold just over $3k and two of you have already qualified! In order to give us the boost we need to make it to $6k, I am going to raffle off a personalized May Designs book WHEN we hit Senior! (See pictures below if you don't know what they are!)

How to enter:

1. Qualify for the Month (sell $500)- 1 entry

2. For every additional $500 you sell- 2 entries

3. Book in Tight with another March Show- 3 entries

4. Sponsor a New Stylist- 5 entries

Make sense?! Let's get selling, booking, and sponsoring!

PS- Don't forget to showcase our FB Flash Sale items!!