Budget Activity

Real-Life Percents


We are making a budget activity project. This project will show you how to use percents so you can get a better understanding of them. You will also see how they are used in your everyday life and sometimes you might not even know your using percents.

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I learned a whole lot during the project. I learned that staying on a budget isnt always easy, and that you have a lot of responsibilites. I learned that you need to make sure that you stay on budget when you do everything. I had to figure out all of my expenses and all of my bills for the whole year. I then had to do my restraunt expenses, and that is how much I spend when I go to the restraunt. I got a thousand dollars to spend for whatever I wanted. I only spent $477.04 so I had $522.96 left over for a down payment on my car. I finally got to by a car with the money I had left over from the year. I learned a whole lot on the project, it was fun and it taught me how to use percents in the real world and how they are used in our everyday lifes.