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This glorious little Palace just SOLD.

It was such a treat to work with this beautiful home and wonderful owners. I have been very fortunate that this family has worked with me many times on several purchases and sales. HAPPY SELLERS! HAPPY BUYERS!

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Record Home Sales in April

May , 2016 -- Toronto Real Estate Board President Mark McLean announced that there were 12,085 sales reported through TREB's MLS® System in April 2016. This result, which represented a record for the month of April, was up by 7.4 per cent in comparison to April 2015.

For the TREB market area as a whole, annual sales growth was experienced for all major home types except semi-detached houses. In the City of Toronto, sales were down for detached and semi-detached houses as well as townhouses on a year-over-year basis. This dip in sales in the '416' area code was due to a lack of low-rise listings. Many would-be buyers were not able to find a home that met their needs.

"While April's sales result represented a new record for sales, that number could have been even higher if we had benefitted from more supply. In the City of Toronto in particular, some households have chosen not to list their home for sale because of the second substantial Land Transfer Tax and associated administration fee. The lack of available inventory, coupled with record sales, continued to translate into robust annual rates of price growth," said Mr. McLean

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NYQUIST - Another Triple Crown Winner ?


The undefeated Kentucky Derby winner, had a very easy morning at Pimlico on Saturday, jogging two miles the wrong way around the track while being led by a pony.

He is preparing for the second leg of the triple crown of racing The PIMLICO Stakes, May 21 in Baltimore. . Having won the Kentucky Derby , Nyquist will be the favorite and our resident handicapper predicts the he will also win the Belmont Stakes and be the second triple crown winner in 38 years ! You can bet on that.

So You Say: 30 Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

Drop the paint can, step away from the brick and read this remodeling advice from people who’ve been there.
“Never have a red, orange or harsh yellow bedroom. No matter how much you like it, those colors are too energizing/irritating to foster rest.”

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Our feature attraction pick is "7SOULD". for the Beaches International Jazz Festival

7Sould Presents “Underneath”, A Musical and Theatrical Dance Spectacle Debuting at The Beaches Jazz Festival on Friday, July 15 at 9 pm

The multi-dimensional show features an array of singers, musicians, dancers and acrobats – all surrounded by state-of-the-art lighting and LED visuals.

We will remind you again next month. Too good to miss.


Toronto's crown as most diverse city in the world is often taken for granted by those who live here, but it's actually quite rare for this title to be given out in any official capacity. The majority of global urban diversity rankings pull together short lists of cities that are...


How To Clean Your Pillows

Well I decided I wanted to wash my pillows so I went on line and found that there are a ton of ways. This site had a lot of good information. My pillows came out great.

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds

In spring, gardens burst into life. Weeds do too, and they can be the bane of a gardener’s existence. Rather than waging an all-out war, our efforts to manage weeds can be more effective when we understand the roles they play in our ecosystem.


Curious and engaging black and white photos of toronto 1910 1920 1930. Over 100 photos!


The first thing many prospective buyers do when they’re looking for a new house is browse online. But the truth is, any home will look different in person–for better or for worse. So no matter how impressive the pictures or virtual tours are, you shouldn’t base any decisions solely on those factors.

Looking past real estate photography means more houses to see, and more chances to find your real estate match. Here are a few benefits to keeping an open mind, and why you shouldn’t dismiss a property without seeing it in-person first:

You’ll Get A Feel For The Size

A good photographer will make a small house look larger than it is, which is why it’s so important to see the house in person. In reality, that spacious-looking house you looked at online might not be able to fit all of your furniture. So take into consideration how your belongings will fit in, and how much space you need in your daily life.

You’ll Get To Know The Area

Seeing the surrounding community is a vital part of the home-buying process. Google Maps and online neighbourhood guides are great places to start, but they can only provide so much information. When you’re viewing a house, take a walk around the area to get a feel for what could be your new neighbourhood.

You’ll Get A Real Look Inside

A house might look great in its pictures–and even better in person. But we all know that when it comes to buying, there’s much more to it than just looks. You never know what smells, hidden damage, or structural issues may exist beyond the photos. When you work with me, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the house from the inside out.

Not all real estate photography is deceptive; there are some truly beautiful properties out there.

But when you’re looking to buy, it’s important not to overlook a place just based on the pictures.

Some listings will have great photography, while some will have a few pictures shot on an agent’s iPhone. Take a chance, trust your agent, and you may be happily surprised.

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You Gotta Love These Parrots

In March, Natalie Angier reported some of the latest findings about parrots, nature’s most colorful birds in more ways than one. Along with the article, we asked readers to submit videos of their feathered friends showing what makes them unique.

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