The Great Wall

长 城

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When speaking of China, what is the first thing jumps to your mind? A lot of people would say the Great Wall. It is one of Chinese Landmarks, and the greatest military architecture in Chinese history.

The Wall was built over a long period of time. During the Warring States period (475-221 BC), the first wall was built to prevent raids from northern tribes. The Warring States period was ended by the victory of Qin Dynasty. The emperor of Qin spent 10 years to build a new wall to prevent from attach from invaders. The new wall stretched over 10,000 Chinese miles. Therefore, it is called 万里长城。(wàn lǐ cháng chéng). 万里 means 10,000 Chinese miles. In these 10 years, there were as many as 3 million laborers worked on the wall, of whom a third died.

After Qin Dynasty, many dynasties built new walls. The Great Wall we see now was built in Ming Dynasty. The entire wall was built by hand and goes directly over mountains rather than around them. The soldiers patrolled on the Great Wall, and when they saw the enemy, they lit a fire to pass on the message.
There is a saying,

不到长城非好汉。(bú dào cháng chéng fēi hǎo hàn)

Without reaching the Great Wall, one cannot be considered a hero.

A quick of the sections of the Wall

A panoramic view of the great Wall

The Great Wall (UNESCO/TBS)

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