Columbia Space missions

How many missions?

The Columbia space shuttle flew a lot in total missions into space! They flew 28 missions.It was just the second space shuttle ever built.

How long is a Columbia mission?

The longest mission for the Columbia space shuttle was 17 days 15 hours 53 minutes.The missions can be very long if the shuttle is in good condition and if everyone is in good condition.

When was the first columbia space mission?

The shuttle launched April 12,1981. After the sucsessful mission to space the shuttle took nice soft landing after it orbited the earth 36 times.

How can I learn more about the 28th mission and the people involved?

You go to these sites and videos and watch them or read to learn more about it!

Where did columbia get its name?

In 1792 Columbia space shuttle was named after a small sailing vessel that used out of Boston.

How heavy does the shuttle weigh?

This space shuttle weighs 5,000 pounds less than many other shuttles. The shuttle can weigh as much as up to about 160,000 empty with no solid rocket boosters, and with all of the people,solid rocket boosters,external tank and all of the fuel.

Has every single columbia space mission gone well?

No is the answer to that! The Columbia mission was on Febuary 1,2003 when the disaster happened.It happened on there way back from space re-entering the Earths the shuttle burst and all of the austronauts died sadly.

Did you know?

Did you know that Columbia was the first shuttle to fly into space in 1981!
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What is that picture?

It is a picture of the shuttle at lift off and it is beautiful! Make sure you aren't to close to a shuttle at lift off or then it wont be so beautiful.

How bad was the disaster on their last lift off?

It was really bad and sad. The mission control felt really bad about how they couldnt reach them!