Module 12 Testing

Testing Tips for next Week!

INFORM: Multiple Choice Test and Timed Essay for Module 12

Happy Friday! We've completed all the assignments for Module 12 and today is a built in study day for you to prepare for your Module 12 assessments! Please take the time to use some of the study tools that are available to you and that are again listed below.

  • One of the best ways to prepare for the MC tests is to take the practice quizzes on the textbook companion sites. The links are available below:
  • Review the VOCABULARY!!!!! Quizlet has several types of activities to help you review.
  • Go back to each of the rubrics for your previous timed responses - and look at specifically the types of responses needed to earn points. Also - look at the hints for what you should review for the timed response - you'll need to review previous modules!
  • Above all - don't waste the day - study and prepare for these tests!
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INSTRUCT: The Realities of Spring Fever!

Why the spring makes us feverish


Ah, sunshine. Longer days. Shifting hormones may underlie the giddiness that bubbles up as winter fades.

Check out the following article about WHY pretty spring weather affects us so much!

Study Tools to Help!

Textbook Companion Website

The textbook companion website can be accessed from the AP Psychology class in Moodle. The website has practice tests, flashcards, chapter summaries and activities to help students understand the material.

CELEBRATE: Extra Effort

Lots of you completed the extra credit: Thank you again for the effort you put into completing these assignments!