The factors of ageing!

Factors that have influence on ageing

Factors that can cause ageing

Some influences of ageing includes

Genes-Glucose is a form of sugar and is also a modecule which as a group can damage proteins which make up cells. When we are young the cells are easily repaired but as we get older this is not the case and therefore scientist believe this causes ageing.

Nutrition-As we get older are bodies change and are daily intakes reduce and we start to change are eating habits. The daily intake for the elderly is 1600 for a female and around 2000 calories for a male and its important that the elderly diet is not to fatty or rich. As we get older they are other health problems that could cause us to reduce the amount that we eat which includes

chewing problems

Salivary glands become smaller

The digestive system changes

There could also be other problems and if the elderly do not get the right nutrients it could effect there bodies causing other health problems.

Lifestyle-Each cell is grouped together with chromosomes which are based in the middle of the cell. On the edge of these are caps which when wears down causes the chromosome to clump and causes the cell to die.Some things can cause the process to speed up causing more chromosomes to clump which includes Stress ,obesity etc. Exercise and healthy foods slow the process making the chromosomes and caps last longer.

Enviourment-There are some factors in the enviourment that causes us to age which includes

Sun exposure as it can cause skin cancer at a later age causing health problems if excessive to the sun.

Sedentary lifestyles as it leads to muscle weakness causing other health problems.

Overeating can cause other health problems and even serious health problems

Can we prevent ageing?

Overall there is no way of preventing ageing but if we have healthier lives when we are younger it can help prevent health problems at later stages. We should do this by eating healthily and exercise regularly.