Robotics 1.0

TPSF Summer Academy Week 4

Week 4 News

Our final week has been very productive. We finished our video tutorials that teach about pros and cons of different types of lifts. Use the links below to watch the videos. Some students chose to go back to the Flex robots that we built in week 2 while other used the lift building knowledge to create their own unique robots. All students worked hard on their programming and driving skills to get ready for the final showcase. Thank you for your support. It has been an amazing summer.

All Videos are Unlisted on YouTube

The only way to access each video is through the link below. They are all unlisted and unsearchable on YouTube. If you would like your child's video set to private, please email Cari Williams at

Thank you and great job on the videos!

Mrs. Mulligan's Class Videos

Group A-

Group B- 2nd Place Video for clearly narrating over the time lapse video and explaining the pros and cons of each lift.

Group C-

Group D-

Group E-

Group F- Honorable mention for making the only coding video!

Group G-

Group H-

Group I-

Group J-

Mr. Helpern's & Mrs. Quinn's Class Videos

Group 1- 3rd Place Video for the most entertaining and well-produced video about robotics lifts!

Group 2-

Group 3-

Group 4-

Group 5-

Group 6-

Group 7-

Group 8-

Group 9-

Group 10- 1st Place Video for clearly showing each lift on the video and explaining what he did and did not like about each lift.

Programming and Driving Robots

Below students are coding their robots to run autonomously to score points and practicing their driving skills to prepare for the showcase summer scrimmage.

Showcase Summer Scrimmage

Four weeks of hard work and learning pay off on the game field in the first TUSD Robotics VEX IQ Scrimmage of the 2018-2019 season.

Congratulations to the top four teams!

Big picture

Thank you TPSF!

Thank you Tustin Public Schools Foundation for providing this opportunity once again to get the 2018-2019 TUSD Robotics Season underway. It is very much appreciated by all the students, coaches, and volunteers who help set up for all of our tournaments! We could not do it without you!