Anal Cancer Treatment in India

Facts of anal cancer – know the treatment

Cancer is a disorder of growing unhealthy cells in the lining of tissue of different body organs. Anal cancer is originated from lining cells of anus. It is the ending section of intestine system coming after rectum. Cancer signals of disease will help a person to find it at early stage, so will get relief soon.

Some signs which would need attention and doctor’s help are

· anal bleeding

· pain or pressure in the anal area

· anal itching or discharge

· lumps near the anus, and a change in bowel habits

Diagnostic methods have improved and allows surgeon to catch the exact stage of cancer, which is a great support in giving prominent and efficient treatment. The techniques are

· a history and physical exam

· digital rectal exam

· Anoscopy

· proctoscopy,

· ultrasound

· Biopsy

. To determine the stage which lies between 0- 5, these examinations participate

· chest X-ray


· CT scan

· PET scan

General treatment methods used in all forms of cancers are used to treat initial stages of anal cancer but if the condition of patient is not so good and is at final state, more competitive treatments are to be used. Clinical trials involves in advanced treatment techniques comes with other conventional therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stem cell replacements and other high doses medications. Cost of treatment in India goes way down and one needs to pay only a fraction of charge that is in highly developed countries. Anal cancer treatment in India makes easy for international patients to get an extra ordinary plan to save money with best services at to-notching hospitals in India. Getting effective treatment is only the mission of patients.

India cancer surgery site is a medical tourism service provider in India making the medical care visit of overseas patient a wonderful and healthy experience. The low cost of anal cancer treatment in India is mainstay for foreign patients, looking for a nominal treatment. The team organizes the medical tour with assistance in visa applications, travel bookings, accommodations and other needs in finest way. The hospitals providing exemplary services in cancer treatment has tie ups with the group. The primary aim of treatment is cure of cancer, but appearance and functionality is also improved via some additional guidance and other treatments giving a better quality of life and self confidence back to stand in front of the world once again.

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