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Monthly, we release a newsletter highlighting our staff and student achievements. The newsletter provides general information and updates about each of our sites. Additional information such as registration information, college and career resources, site locations, etc. can be found on our website at



  • 14 Dr. James W. Kent Scholarship for Adult Education - Rotary Club of Newark Applications DUE (Groves ONLY)
  • 31 Memorial Day (No Classes)


  • 3 Last Day of Class - Groves (Glasgow/CCC ONLY)
  • 10 Last Day of Class - ABE/ESL (Glasgow Site ONLY)
  • 11 James H. Groves High School & Class of 2020 and 2021 GED Graduation Ceremony
  • 25 Last Day of Class - Family Literacy (SEEC ONLY)



Virtual classes are being held at CEEC. Register for the 2021-2022SY TODAY! Registration information can be found on our website at A registration packet is located at the bottom of the newsletter as well. Invest now in your future, the outcomes are endless!



Amber DelCoco

Amber DelCoco recently returned to the center and is determined to get her GED. She currently has one more test to go! Upon Amber's return she stated, "Nothing is going to stop me this time, Miss Anita." The entire center is cheering her on. Amber will always be considered family at Claymont Community Center.

Tyler Zebley

Tyler Zebley is also a current GED student at CCC and only has one more GED test to go! When asked how he felt about his progress, he stated the following "It is unreal to think I only have one test to go. I will say this program is more straightforward than school and I have learned more valuable skills."

Please be sure to cheer these students on! We hope to see them both walking across the stage in June!


In observance of Women's History Month, the Hudson class decided to make history in their own way by participating in the OAASIS Student Writing Contest. Here's a peak at some of the amazing talent submitted for contest consideration: (Note: Due to article space, some of the original content has been shortened)


"Teaching World Peace" by Yetideni Soro

People are fighting everywhere

Innocent people are dying

Innocent people are crying

Everybody is talking about peace but

Nobody is making nothing to stop war or

Help people of the poor.

It's nice to talk about peace

But peace is not just a simple word:

It has to be taught---

It's not just a behavior but our savior.

Who wants to learn about world peace?

"Haikus" by Jamine Graves


My kids are my world

They are special and funny

My world is complete!


Respect and kindness

Values, honesty and love

This is who we are.

"Dear Patience (Free Verse)" by Jehan Muharam

There's meaning in waiting.

Don't go searching for patience

Instead, search for strength, for hope, for faith.

Life is so unexpected

So when despair is bubbling

Let it go and just breathe!

There's meaning in waiting.

So don't go searching for patience

Just let it come patiently to you.....


  • Silhouette of Beyoncé Knowles drawn by Julia Crowley
  • Original Flowers painted on canvas by Amrit Kaur (Pictured Below)


Big picture



Betsy Bunting has been our most consistent and reliable student this year! Although she has struggled with enormous obstacles throughout the year, Ms. Bunting has shown up to class ready to work every day that it was possible for her to do so. She has faced health concerns, surgery, housing uncertainty and transportation difficulties, but she has never given up. Ms. Bunting has completed her first COA and Home Health Aid training. She has made steady progress toward her reading, writing, and math goals as well and recently completed GED Ready tests in both RLA and Social Studies. Her scores are very close to passing in each! We are very proud of Betsy and her accomplishments!



During the month of March, Glasgow's ABE program kicked off a GED Ready Initiative throughout all ABE classes. The initiative focuses on increasing the number of student's taking GED Ready assessments in order to determine if they are ready to take the GED exam. Each student is given the opportunity to take at least two assessments in any of the four subjects (Math, RLA, Science, Social Studies). All GED Ready assessments were paid for by the Christina Adult Education Program. Listed below are students who have taken GED Readys thus far. We are so proud of the hard work these students have exhibited! Keep up the great work!

  • Salma Farooq
  • Wayneson Yhap
  • Amani Ali
  • Arkangel Arbelo
  • Maojin Lin
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Laila Elbahlo
  • Taja Chase
  • Jillian Rosedom
  • Quareis Mckinney
  • Durval Rankine


The hybrid schedule has been attached below. If you are interested in attending, come join as every Monday and Thursday at your current scheduled class time. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Virtual classes (Groves, ESL, ABE, and Groves Alternative In-School Program) are being held at Glasgow High School. Register TODAY for SY 2021-2022! Registration information can be found on our website at A registration packet can be found below. Invest now in your future-the outcomes are endless!


NCCLC Shining Star

If you are looking for an upbeat, optimistic student who gets the gold star for PERFECT attendance for the past 13 months, then you are looking for Patrick Hogan.

Patrick exchanges puns and jokes with his instructors (especially Mr. King) and encourages other students. He also has possesses TENACITY, determination and a stick to it attitude, that has propelled him through his studies. Patrick’s journey started in 2017 and at this time he tried various GED programs but found they were not a good fit for his learning style and aspirations. After some stops and starts at various locations, he landed at NCCLC. Patrick joined New Castle County Learning Center just one week before we shut down in March 2020. The NCCLC Staff often joke with him about the timing of his entry and COVID-19. Patrick often says, “I’m staying here because this is the place that’s going to work for me.”

In fact, when he came in to the testing center in January 2021 to take his GED RLA test, we were astonished at how tall he is! We had to crane our necks to make eye contact! On the other hand, after many months of intense studying and practice, Pat passed with a strong score. We all did a “Happy Dance” in celebration, since we could not give Patrick a hug. We were so proud of his score because he earned six points for his essay on the RLA test.

Moreover, Patrick was so determined to succeed that he even drove to Delaware State in Dover, DE this past summer to take his GED Social Studies test. He passed the test with a high score. This is a great example of the lengths someone will go when determined. He’s a In addition to passing his social studies test, Patrick passed his GED Science test at home via Online Proctored Testing in August 2020. He has the honor of being one of our first students who rose to the challenge of taking GED tests at home, which is not an easy feat.

Lastly, Patrick has one GED test left, math, in order to fulfill his goal. He is working diligently to prepare for it. We applaud Patrick's hard work, optimism, and resourcefulness. He emits a beacon of positivity that lights up our educational skies.

NCCLC GED® Testing Center

“WE’VE GOT TESTERS!” Since re-opening our testing center on October 28, we continue to have a growing number of test candidates scheduling their GED® tests. The COVID-19 safety protocols we’ve put in place have proven so far to be successful in allowing testing candidates to continue moving forward with their GED® studies during this time. We’re proud to partner with Pearson Vue to offer a safe testing environment and be part of each of these motivated students’ GED® journey! Go to to schedule your test today!

OAASIS Spring Food Drive

Deborah Roberts (OAASIS Team Member) has been hard at work collecting food for the spring food drive. Donation bins were set up at the Eden Support Center and donations were accepted at each of our sites. All food collected was donated to the Victory Christian Fellowship Church.

Look out for another food drive next spring!!


Check out the newest edition below.


Fresh Start Scholarship

The Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the continuation of the Fresh Start Scholarship. Our scholarship is specifically designed for women who have interrupted their education for various reasons and now seek to return to school to better their status and their opportunities. We award annual scholarships based on need and offer mentoring support. Candidates must be enrolled in a two or four year degree program at an accredited Delaware college or university. Since its inception in 1996, the foundation has awarded over $1.2 million in scholarships to more than 260 women who have been given the opportunity to achieve their goals. Each of these recipients is unique – her goals, her skills, her dreams.

The Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation has over $100,000 in funds available to award scholarships to deserving women in financial need for academic year 2021-2022. There are scholarship funds available to students in ALL majors. The Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors, based upon the applications received, will make all decisions regarding the recipients and the amounts of the awards. The application is now available online at It is very important that each application is completed entirely before being submitted. PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year must be submitted by May 15, 2021. Award Notification: All applicants will be notified on or before July 31, 2021.

For questions concerning the Fresh Start Scholarship, please send an email to or call 302-397-3440. We hope that through this scholarship we will be able to make a difference and contribute in a meaningful way to an improvement in lifestyle for deserving women.


The Culinary School meets remotely and in person for 14 weeks at the Food Bank's Newark and Milford kitchens! Learn basic and high-end kitchen skills and participate in a two-week paid work experience. Students have the opportunity to earn ServSafe certification.


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