Technology at Lineville

Jager Slaght

Typing Web

1: Helps you with typing for the future.

2: Keeps track of your speed to see how fast you did and if you need to improve it.

3: It has different lessons for you to do.


1: Creating one was a little bit complicated.

2: You will have to choose which scene you would want to do.

3: You will have to plan everything out for you topic.

Career Locker

1: This site would allow me to choose what I would want to do for my career.

2: I was able to take quizzes and servery's to let it decide what I am best for.

3: Able to find the college I would want to go to.

Haiku Deck

1: Based off career locker, I would use that site to make a presentation about the job I want.

2: Was able to add pictures and facts about my job.

3: Was able to add as many slides as I wanted to.

Explain Everything

1: Was able to show my work on recording video.

2: Also was able to add as many slides as I wanted to.

3: Was able to record my voice on live video.

Hour of Code

1: Was able to put my mind to multiple of different games.

2: Able to use buttons to show how the game worked.

3: Make multiple of different games work my way.

Email Etiquette

1: I learned that this helped me with sending emails correctly.

2: It helped me with me typing correctly using punctuation.

3: Was able to learn everything about sending an email like the subject box.