English Language Learners

Marble Falls ISD

January 8, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo - Bonne Année - Chúc mừng năm mới - HAPPY NEW YEAR

It's hard to believe we are entering a new semester. If you have been trying some basic approaches to accommodate the learning needs of your ELLs and would like ideas on what to do next, or are just coming back from a break with fresh eyes for the "scaffolding" needs of our students, check this link here for a list of ideas and their description.

Revisit archived ELL Newsletters that featured additional strategies at district website

Upcoming Free Workshops

Sign up now for these self-paced, web-based offerings at Region 13:

Connecting with the ELPS: Building Vocabulary (FA1224830)
Connecting with the ELPS: Checking for Understanding (FA1224833)
Connecting with the ELPS: The Magic of Writing for ELLs (FA1224832)
Connecting with the ELPS: Reading Behaviors (SU1327227)
Connecting with the ELPS: The Impact of Speaking for ELLs (SU1327556)

MFISD instructional staff - Email me a copy of your Region 13 training certificate from any of these courses (or all of them!) to be entered to win a Sonic gift card! Drawing for 3 on Feb 26.