Dudley EL News!

Welcome Back!

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We are excited to return from a restful vacation and see our students! As wonderful as it is to have time off and binge watch tv, I can't wait to get back to work. I miss seeing those amazing little guys everyday, especially now that my own are teenagers and don't want to hang out with Mom anymore!

Let's get ready for an amazing 2022!!

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Once again, I am humbled by the outpouring of love and support this holiday season by our families. Your generosity in helping us to support families in need as well as showing your appreciation for staff in the building has been overwhelming!

I can't express how much this helps our morale! I know that I can speak on behalf of myself and my staff in saying a huge THANK YOU!

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Covid Update - IMPORTANT

First and foremost, a huge thank you to our school nurse, Kathy Wilson, for the never ending work she does to keep us all safe and healthy! We tried as much as possible to enjoy our vacations, but have been in close contact over the break to track what is happening in our building. Thank you Kathy! We couldn't do this without you and you are appreciated.

The Department of Education is providing 2 home test kits for all staff of the DCRSD. We will be hosting a pick up event for staff today (Sunday). The hope is that staff will test as soon as possible before returning to work on Monday to catch possible asymptomatic cases of COVID. Teachers are not required to test before returning on Monday, this is a precautionary measure.

Masks - We will be diligent in making sure everyone is wearing their masks appropriately at school to minimize the spread of germs. Please send your child to school with a fresh and clean mask every morning. We do have masks at school in the event that your child needs one!


We need to continue to keep COVID out of our building as much as possible for the next few weeks. I know that everyone is doing everything possible to make sure we do not have contracted cases at school. We will be returning to 3ft spacing as much as possible in the classrooms and at lunch to minimize the spread of germs. These changes will be made today and tomorrow morning. We are working on adjusting our lunch schedule to accommodate for more room to space out in the cafeteria.

* Group work for students will be kept to a minimum and will be conducted with more spacing between students, and for a much shorter time period (15min. or less) for at least the next 3 weeks.

* We will also be making sure that students wash their hands in the morning when they arrive and will be washing and sanitizing throughout the day, especially before and after eating and mask breaks.

* We will continue to utilize outdoor space as much as possible for mask breaks while the weather is nice and without all of this rain!

Most importantly for all staff and students, monitor your symptoms. Many people who test positive only have mild cold symptoms or symptoms that can be rationalized as not COVID. It is better to be safe than sorry in these cases.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to keep everyone safe and healthy at Dudley EL!

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Vaccination Clinic Information

There will be a COVID vaccination clinic held by the Town of Dudley:

When: January 15, 2022

Where: Town Hall- first floor. 71 West Main Street, Dudley

Time: 8:30-12 (by appointment only)

Vaccine Availability

Pfizer vaccine- Pediatric vaccine for children ages 5-11 (100 doses only)

Pfizer vaccine- Adult/Adolescent for ages 12 and older

Pfizer vaccine- Adult/Adolescent for ages 16 and older

Pfizer Vaccine available for first dose, second dose, and booster.

Please call BOH at 508-949-8012 or 508-206-8104 to register!