Technology Thursday

May 12, 2016

Google Updates - Available Now

Google Classroom - Schedule Posts

You can now schedule posts to appear in Google Classroom. Compose the post as you normally would and then click on the drop down arrow next to "Assign" and choose "Schedule." Choose the date and time that you want the post to appear on the classroom stream. Simple!

Google Tutorials - Synergyse

Install this extension to have tutorials ready for anytime you need it on Google Applications. Now when you open up a Google App the Synergyse icon will appear in the upper right corner with links to tutorials for that app. Great when you want to remember how to do that one thing you learned about months ago, or when looking for a new solution.

Google Updates - Coming Soon

Google Slides - Q&A

Coming soon will be the ability to have your audience post questions during a google slide presentation. A URL will appear on top of the screen and students can use that to ask questions or comment back on the slides being presented.

This could also be a good way to have students react to the information or make a connection to the content.

This option is not available in RRISD Google Accounts at this time, but should be soon. Here are directions on how to access it once it is available.

Google Classroom - Parent Notification

Coming this fall - parents will be able to sign up to receive emails about assignments and student progress. Read more abut it here.

Ideas inspired by:

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