Travel guide to Planet Earth

By: Sierra Bell

Welcome to earth

Welcome to planet earth , were there is lots of fascinating things to see. In this travel guide you will learn about some wonderful places and what they have to offer. You will read about at least three amazing places on earth.

Grand Canyon

When hiking the Grand Canyon be careful on the trails they can be slippery. Make sure you have lots of water, dehydration is the biggest danger. Never hike alone stay on the trails and don't take shortcuts. What you should bring with you proper foot wear, cool clothes, lots of food and water , and for sure bring sun block.


Niagara Falls

About Niagra

What you should bring with you is, poncho, rain boots, and other rain stuff. If you ride In a boat you will get wet for sure and there is a possibility of tipping over. Also be careful of the steps they get slippery. There is lots of dangers from, falling off a barrel, hitting your head on a rock, or just plain falling, drowning, or battered to death by the current.

Amazon opportunities

An opportunity of going to the amazon is the view. From the green glowing forest to the mid-day sun. And just to be out with the animals that you don't see everyday. And the air there is so much oxygen because of all the trees that the air always feels fresh

Grand Canyon

You will love the opportunity of seeing all the animals there. There is approximately 90 species of mammals, 350 species of birds , 45 types of reptiles. And only 9 species of amphibians. The sunset is also a must see at the Grand Canyon.
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Challenges these features bring to humans

With Niagara falls is that some of the water got polluted and it leaks in to the clean river or lakes, that some people have to use for drinking, laundry , dishes etc. And the pollution can cause humans health problems. Same things with the Grand Canyon there is polluted air and air travels so its making even more pollution. And for the Amazon would be the animals and the poisons that they carry.

What is Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is the largest water fall in the USA with a drop more than 165 feet.
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What is the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is a bunch of rocks and cliff that are combined together and created a 6,000 foot deep, 277 miles wide natural feature
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What is the Amazon?

The amazon is one of the largest rivers in the world containing 3,000 known species , and being 4,000 miles in length.
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Grand Canyon Hemisphere

The Grand Canyon is in the Northern Hemisphere. It is important to know this because you don't want to go to the Southern Hemisphere looking for the Grand Canyon and notice it's not there.

Niagara Falls Climate

The climate at Niagara Falls will mainly be rain and the temperatures mainly won't get above 60 degrees so its going to be cooler there. Its good to know this because you don't want to wear shorts and flip flops and a tank top to the grand canyon.

Amazon Time Zone

The time zone for the Amazon would be AMT (Brazil Time) You should know this so when you get there you can reset the time on phones, watches etc , so you can tell time.


Places I suggest to visit are , MT Rushmore, Hawaii, and Canada. I suggest MT Rushmore because it has some of the former presidents faces carved into it. And I suggest Hawaii because it is a popular island on earth. And I suggest Canada because it is like Americas sister country.

Enjoy your stay 😃