SMS Bulletin 10.5.15

Show Respect-Make a Difference-Set the Bar High

Mission and Vision

At Schmucker Middle School we strive to cultivate a thriving and safe learning community that promotes academic excellence, lifelong learners, and socially responsible and productive citizens.

To do list

1. Attend staff meeting on Tuesday morning.

2. Read student-led conference directions.

Conference Calendar

Conference Directions and Expectations

9/30 - 10/9 All Teachers: All teachers work with students to create Google slide(s) with information for their particular class. Please click HERE for more information on creating slides. Teachers need to devote some time during class to complete these slides with students. Math and language arts teachers will add information about Acuity to their Google slide. Language arts teachers will add information about SRI results.

Staff Meeting

Our October staff meeting will be Tuesday morning at 8:25 in the IMC.


1. ENL Program (Tami Lewis)

2. One way to redefine teaching and learning using Chromebooks (Allison Marsh)

Advisory Period

We begin our anti-bullying lessons this week. Stay tuned on Monday for an introduction. If your students have not finished their SMART goals, please spend some time on these goals later in the week.

Week 8 (October: National Bullying Prevention Month)

10/5: Opening Message: Anti-Bullying on WSMS. Lessons start on Tuesday.

10/6: Begin anti-bullying lesson

10/7: Read day. Read Expectations

10/8: Continue anti-bullying lesson

10/9: Finish anti-bullying lesson (Optional: create artifact).

Please access the link Advisory Resources for information regarding our 1st quarter Advisory curriculum. This folder is shared with all teachers.

Teresa ~ Anita~ Carol ~ Jen ~ Becky ~ Nicolle~ Michael

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Thank you to our wonderful food service staff for their efforts providing food to our students and staff everyday. #SpartanPride2k16

Plan Time

Classes are 56 minutes in length. In an effort to provide teachers with a 60 plan time, teachers can elect to stay in their classroom at the beginning of their plan during the passing period. This is not a directive. However, teachers can decide to use this time for plan if necessary and not be outside of the classroom supervising students.

Bulletin Board Brigade

Do you have a bulletin board idea that you just can't find the time to accomplish? The PTO would like to help. They will be forming a Bulletin Board Brigade with the purpose of helping teachers with this work. Please contact me with your ideas and I will work with the PTO to help. These ideas could also be for your wall space.

PHMEF Grant Cycle

Below is information about the PHM grant cycle. If you have an idea and need help writing a grant, please let me know. We have PTO parents with grant writing experience who want to help.

The P-H-M Education Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of the 2015 Fall Grant Cycle. PHMEF grants are eligible to any P-H-M staff member who can demonstrate a program’s innovation and creativity, and reflect commitment to excellence in education. A total of $11,850 is slated to be awarded in this Fall grant cycle. A Spring grant cycle is slated to open on Feb. 29, 2016.

Please read all the requirements and note funding exclusions in the grant application. Those applications requesting non-funded expenses will not be presented to the Grants Committee. See list on page 4.

The timeline for the PHMEF Fall Grant Cycle is as follows:

Friday, Oct. 23 - All applications must be turned in by 4 p.m. at ESC. No late applications will be accepted.

Grant applications also may be downloaded at​​​ In addition, past grant recipients are listed on the site. Questions about the application or process, contact Mari Linn Wise, executive director, at or 254-2893.

Staff Bio

Kristi Ulrich is in her 9th year at Schmucker as a Wellness teacher. Kristi received her education from Mishawaka High School and then attended Bethel College on a basketball scholarship. While at Bethel, Kristi played on 2 NCCAA National Championship girls basketball teams. She graduated with a degree in Sports Management, but returned to Bethel four years later and entered the Transition to Teaching Program to receive her teaching license. Her passion for teaching and basketball lead her to coach immediately after college (the 1st time). Kristi coached at her alma mater, Mishawaka, for four years and then had an opportunity to join the Schmucker family. Since then, Kristi married Jimmie, her husband in 2011 and they welcomed their daughter Avery Reice in 2013. Kristi is entering her 7th year as the Head Girls Basketball Coach at Penn. Her teams have won 6 straight NIC championships and made it to the state finals twice. The team includes many former Spartans, so come and support PGBB this season! Other than her husband, daughter and basketball, Kristi enjoys spending time with her family, working out, enjoying the outdoors and baking.

Cheers for Peers

It’s back!!! For the 2015-2016 school year we can continue to use this document linked below to congratulate and cheer on staff members at SMS. For those new to the building, if you ever want to make everyone else aware of the great thing(s) a colleague has done, please share it here. Just add it to the top of the page.

Cheers for Peers

Student Services

Please remember to sign those Star Cards for our Positive Behavior Incentives. We are allowing students to redeem their cards for incentives on Thursday every week at the book store. Remember, the students do look forward to receive your acknowledgement on following your expectations. I know it might be difficult, but some of the more disruptive students need the positive support the most. We are currently looking for new and popular items for our "incentive shelves" in the bookstore. Feel free to let Kevin know if you have ideas for incentives.

Energy Conservation

Quite a few years ago, PHM hired Rob Lovett as Mr. Energy, who makes sure we work as a team in turning off lights and monitors, shutting down computers, eliminating any unnecessary strain on the electricity. Please be vigilant by checking and turning anything off which is not being used. Thanks for your extra effort.

SLO (Student Learning Objectives)

Please click on the link below for a timeline and a list of approved assessments for SLOs.

Choices for SLO

Sporting Events

Click her to see our school calendar of events.

Click here to see who is signed up to work sporting events.

SMS Sports Sign-Up

Social Media