Delta G.E.M.S.



Thank you so much for choosing to share your G.E.M. with me for the 2019 - 2020 year. My name is Tomeka Williams and I am the current chair. I am an Educator with the Wake County Public School system and currently serve as a Literacy Specialist for Title I elementary schools. I am in my 16th year and love education with a passion! It is my goal, everyday, to see all students achieve immeasurable goals.

I am excited about everything that we will have the opportunity to do! All correspondence will take place through a monthly newsletter unless their is additional urgent information that needs to be sent out. We will come together, on a monthly basis, generally on the second Saturday. We have a myriad of topics that we will cover with community service activities throughout our time together. Here are our topics of discussion:

Risk Managment

Parental attendance at our sessions is not a requirement, however if you would like to participate and/or attend a session(s), you must become risk management approved. To become approved, you must complete an application, pay the $25 application fee and attend a training session.

Here is a list of our training session dates (times and locations TBD):

September 26th

October 5th

October 12th

October 17th

Year At a Glance


Interest Meeting

Location: Knightdale United Methodist Church

7071 Forestville Rd, Knightdale


Community Service Project - Miracle League of Raleigh


Political Forum/Voter Registration


Financial Planning


Day of Service


Teen Dating


Community Service - Rise Against Hunger


Health Fair

College Tour


End of the Year Activity