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Hello Class today I will be explaining to you about Emphysema

Hope You Enjoy!

What Is It ?

First of all Emphysema is a lung condition in where the air sacs in the lungs are enlarged , damaged and out of breath. In the end the body has less oxygen.

Who Has It ?

An estimate is that 3 million people in America have Emphysema but interestingly Canada has Over 1.5 million people diagnosed with Emphysema.

Cures and Treatments

There is no cures for Emphysema but it can be treated these are just a few examples exercising to improve the fitness in the body , to take less stress in situations , and to take oxygen treatments to get more oxygen in the body are helpful when you have Emphysema.

How Do You Prevent It ?

To prevent Emphysema you should never start smoking and stop if you already do , get fresh air , don't go in polluted areas , step away from hurtful chemicals that are not good for you and ask your doctor about vaccinations against the flu.

Who Will Likely Get It ?

When young people smoke as they get older the smoking causes to damage the lungs . So mostly older people or adults can get Emphysema.


1. Emphysema doesn't effect all of your life but only part of your life.

2. Emphysema's symptoms are controllable.

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And that was my presentation on Emphysema

Hope You Enjoyed It!