The Straw Hats Zoo

Where Dreams Come True

Our Main Attraction

Tortoise Races Happen Daily. 10:00AM-10:15AM, 1:00PM-1:15PM, 3:00PM-3:15PM Thursday-Saturday. Come see our racers today! We also offer some rare hybrids such as a Zonkey, Coywolf, Chickant, Geep, and a Beefalo.

Hybrids we own

Zed the Beefalo

Zed the Beefalo is half cow half buffalo. He's the sweetest creature you ever saw. He grazes on various grasses along with Serina the Geep.
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Serena the Geep

Serena is half goat half sheep. She loves to frolic around in her habitat with Zed the beefalo. Serena is the youngest of all the hybrids and only a couple months old. The cutest thing you ever saw.

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Tagan the Chickant

Tagan is our one year old chickant. Half Chicken, and half pheasant she loves to show off her colorful feathers to any audience. Make your most cool birdcall and she might answer.

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George the Zonkey

Part zebra, part donkey. He love to graze on his special grassy habitat along with the other zebras. Come by his habitat and spot him today!
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Luca the Coywolf

Luca the Coywolf is part coyote and part wolf. He likes to prowl around his habitat and hunt his already prepared meals that we string up on trees. Some people say he looks more like a coyote, others say more like a wolf. Come today and find out for yourself and decide!

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Our Layout

We layout our zoo so that our main attractions are easy to get to for your own comfort. When you walk in tortoise races will be on your left along with the reptile, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates houses. To your right will be all of our hybrids. If you want too go deeper into our zoo we have our kangaroos, platypuses, herons,porcupines, crocodiles,lions, and other various species of animals. In the middle of our zoo we have Souvenir shops, food places, and a picnic area.

1,2,3, thats enough for me Fun Facts

1.We have been running for 38 years.

2.We are one of the most popular zoos in the world.

3.Pixie Toads can not be left alone together or else they will convert to canibalisim!

4.American Porcupines have stickers at the top of their quills that will help the quill be permanently stuck in the attacker.

5.Some puffer fish blow up into a box shape rather than a round shape

6.There is a difference between a zonkey and a zedonk, a zonkey has a mother donkey and a father zebra, a zedonk is the opposite.

7.All of our hybrids are sterile.

About Us

We are located on 888 Zoo Ave. In Wareanna

Phone: 000-000-0000