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Principal's Message

Wow. October was one of those months where Mother Nature threw us a few curve balls. Hopefully all of our farming families are done harvest now and everyone can continue with life as normal.

For November, our key value is empathy. Throughout this month, we will be talking about how empathy means really understanding how someone else is feeling. When we show empathy for others, we need to use more than our ears for listening. We need to listen with our ears, eyes, heart and brain to really understand how our friends, family and classmates are feeling. Understanding how someone else feels can be a difficult skill to learn but is so very important as children learn to manage the various relationships within their lives.

One of the ways that we try to make our school a place that children feel safe and connected is through the various programs that we offer outside of the classroom. To go along with our wellness goal, Mrs. Dawson has been holding a Wellness Warriors club for grade 3/4 students after school on Tuesdays. She also has intramurals happening during the lunch recesses for those students who like playing sports. (We just finished up with soccer and will now be starting floor hockey.) Every week, we also have a steadfast group of students who stay after school with Mrs. Dawson and help out as our Vulcan Volunteers. Our Vulcan Volunteers organize a talent show that allows our students to share their talents with the Extendicare residents. We also have a variety of after school sports that are offered throughout the year. We have many students sign up to help with school patrol to help their schoolmates get to and from school safely. Our grade 5/6 students have the opportunity to apply for various positions and run our very own Jr. ATB branch. As well as the teacher-lead activities, we always have students who like to start their own lunchtime clubs. Right now, we have two student-lead clubs happening at lunch time: a drawing club and a soccer club. Once these clubs are over, there will be more opportunities for students to propose other clubs that they'd like to organize and run.

There is always a lot going on here and we hope that there's a little something for everyone. If you have other ideas on how to help our students feel more connected with their school, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always open to hearing new ideas.

I hope everyone has a wonderful November.

Tracy Inaba

Vulcan Volunteers

A dedicated group of students have been giving up part of their Friday afternoons to help make VPE and the town of Vulcan a better place. So far these students have helped around the school by changing the sign in front of the school, making muffins for students who may need an extra snack as well as doing some community events.

They were joined by others to put on a talent show at the Vulcan Extendicare on Friday, October 18th. We entertained residents with our musical skills, magic, dancing, drawing, singing and even a volleyball demonstration. We also handed out some cards and read with the residents.

This great group of students will be busy most Fridays, so keep an eye out for us around the school or around the Town!

Wellness Warriors

What does wellness mean to you? A group of Grade 3/4 students are learning about a variety of aspects of wellness. Each session consists of a theme, healthy snack, physical activity and a calming activity. So far they have made fruit salad and trail mix, played volleyball and soccer and did some colouring and learned a strategy board game.


Our after school basketball program wrapped up with a Family Night in mid-October. We had a chance to show off our new and improved basketball skills and even challenge our family to some fun competition. Thank you to everyone who could attend and play with us. Thank you to all of our staff members who came to help out as well since we had so many eager players. Be sure to check out all the after-school sports that VPE offers throughout the year.

Halloween Spooktacular

Monsters, heroes, princesses, wizards and a whole lot more were on display at our annual Halloween fashion show. Plus dalmatians-lots of dalmatians! Mrs. Wickstrom’s class did an excellent job organizing it and together we all collected lots of food bank items. It was also a great chance to show off our creative costumes to the school and community. Thank you to everyone who could attend the show. A special thanks to all the families that made the day extra fun by providing treats, games and activities. We hope everyone had a fun Halloween and remember VPE staff members love candy too!

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Student Teachers

This year we have three student teachers who will be joining us for part of November and December. They are all in their first practicum from the University of Lethbridge.

Miss Kee is working with Mrs. Helland in Grade 5/6.

Miss Stonjech is working with Mrs. Bianchini in Grade 1/2.

Ms. Cote is working with Mrs. Dawson in Grade 3/4.

Be sure to keep an eye out for them in the school starting on November 13th. We are excited to have them learn in our school and gain some valuable teaching skills.


Thanks to Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation and Vulcan Yoga and Wellness for organizing and funding an exciting yoga opportunity with our VPE students in Grades 3-6. Mrs. Shawna Z from Gypsy Souls Yoga came to provide a yoga experience. She taught us basic poses and encouraged us to focus on how our bodies move and feel. It was so much fun.

Remembrance Day Photo Project

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Grade 1/2 News

October brought snow, Thanksgiving, and Halloween fun. We have been working really hard on our small moments stories adding details, dialogue and showing how the characters feel. This week we picked one of our favourite pieces to read with the Grade ¾ class for a writers’ celebration. We were impressed by how much grade threes and fours write! Mrs. Dawson spoiled us with a treat afterward.

We continue to work on reading stamina and learning more reading strategies. Stopping every few pages to check understanding is a good habit to practice. Please keep up with the home reading as it makes a BIG difference.

Our work with numbers has been happening for a few weeks now. Some of the activities we do in math include: recognizing numerals to 100, counting forward, and backwards from various numbers, counting by 2s, 5 and 10s. We are trying to learn those tricky number words. Working with 10 rods and ones to make mystery pictures has been really fun. At home, playing card games and dice games is a great way to build number skills.

After completing our science unit on colours we began our first social studies unit: My World: Home, School and Community. We have been learning about communities, groups, responsibilities and rights. There is a field trip planned for a quick bus tour around town to get a closer look at some landmarks.

We are in the Halloween spirit. Mr. Rodgers taught us some spooky Halloween songs to the tune of Christmas carols. Ask us about our special writing project that goes with the paper pumpkin we created.

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Grade 3/4 News

October provided all sorts of fun in Grade 3/4. It was also great to have so many families be able to attend parent/teacher interviews and discuss your child’s progress as report cards will be coming home at the end of the month.

Everyone has been reading and writing up a storm. We focused on narratives in our writing and we got to celebrate some of our finished pieces in a writing celebration. In reading, we always enjoy our library time and thanks to our parent volunteers and Mrs. Eisler for making the book fair possible. Keep working on returning your home reading each week as well.

In math we completed our number sense unit and have gotten into addition and subtraction. In Grade 3/4 we get a lot of practice with regrouping (carrying or borrowing) and even get to use money to add and subtract decimals.

In science, we finished up our ‘Rocks and Minerals’ unit and are geology experts. We really enjoyed having the chance to eat some ‘rocks’ too. After that unit, we jumped right into social studies. Now we are busy learning all about the geography of Alberta, Canada and four very unique countries-Tunisia, India, Peru and Ukraine. It is great to compare and contrast these different places and learn more about our world.

In physical education we are just finishing up our focus on volleyball and are looking forward to skating. Be sure to check our skating schedule and we would love lots of helpers too.

Grade 5/6 News

Grade ⅚ Review Tools

Our students in grade five and six are encouraged to continue doing regular review at home. To help make this easier for parents and students, we have a variety of online tools that each student is able to use.

  1. IXL → this is a fantastic math review site. It is organized by subject. Each student has their log-in information taped to the inside of their agendas

  2. Exam Bank → A site that is an excellent place to go for practice tests. It is organized by grade and subject. There are reading comprehension tests, tests for each subject, and even some multiplication/division facts tests!

  3. Home Reading: Encourage your child to complete at least an hour of reading each week, and than fill out their worksheet. This can help build their fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing.

  4. Sora app: An online library that we often use in school. There are plenty of novels, picture books and audiobooks available. Each student should know how to log on, but if they have forgotten, they need to go to the Sora website and search for Palliser Regional Schools. They use their school email to log-in.

  5. Multiplication/division fact families: Verbally reviewing fact families can be very helpful for our students. To make it more fun, playing Multiplication War or Multiplication Memory with a deck of cards can be more engaging.

We are so grateful for any extra work/practice that is being done at home, and we encourage you to keep it up!


By: Hailey D and Charlotte D

Here at Vulcan Elementary School, yoga was introduced to grades 3 to 6 by a wonderful instructor named Shawna. We talked about the importance of stretching your muscles and letting your body relax. We also did a lot of different poses that really calmed us down and really put our mind to a healthy new start. She taught us that balance is key and that yoga is important to give your body a rest. She helped us find our inner peace and refresh our state of mind.


By Emily J!

This month our focus word was “Responsibility”.

Life has lots of choices. Some may be like climbing a mountain, but others can be like walking on plains. Responsibility is not something you do, it is a way of thinking and being. Even if you are walking up a steep mountain, you will get better with practice. If you always walk in a flat field, you will never be a skillful climber. It is always your choice to walk on a mountain or in the plains. You have the choice to be 100% responsible. For example, you have the choice to either use an electronic all day or do your chores. If you don’t do the chores, things will keep coming. Dishes for example will just make the sink more full.

There are a few different ways we talk about responsibility. There is being responsible, taking responsibility, and having responsibilities. These are ways of doing what is important, first things first. If you had to say what responsibility was, would you say that playing video games all day was an example? No, of course not. You would say, You would clean your laundry, or do the dishes or clean your room, or all. And if you have time, then you can play a game.The definition for responsibility is:

the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

A simplified way of saying that is a responsibility is something you are expected to do. Easy. responsibility is not that hard.

Being responsible is important because when we get something done, like a task, you get rewarded with a positive consequence for a job well done.

A consequence is something you get after you do a certain action. Being responsible will gain you lots of trust with people and people will count on you to get things done.

That is responsibility!

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Food for Thought

Something our school is really working hard to instill within our students is building their skillset in the domain of social/emotional learning (SEL). Check out this blog to learn more about what SEL is all about and how you as a parent can help your child develop these skills at home.

Remembrance Day Ceremony

Friday, Nov. 8th, 10:30am

504 4 Avenue South

Vulcan, AB

We will be joining County Central High School for our Remembrance Day ceremony again this year. For our contribution to the ceremony, our grade 3/4 and 5/6 students will be singing songs and our grade 1/2s will be providing artwork for the ceremony. All parents and community members are welcome to join us as we respectfully remember the sacrifices of those who have served and the ultimate sacrifice of the fallen.
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