Mrs. Lyons' Class - Week 5

Math, Science, Social Studies

September 14th - 18th

Dates to Remember:

Monday 9/14 - Friday 9/18 is Book Fair week!

Thursday, Sept. 17th - Ch. 2 Math Test

Thursday, September 17th, Science Test

(Test questions and answer choices are read aloud item by item at this time)

Friday 9/18: Grandparents Day / Noon Dismissal with NO GAP, NO LUNCH

Students are free to leave with grandparents after the program.

Wednesday 9/23 Picture Day / Open House at 5:30pm. Come see what we have been doing!

Book fair

The Library is open 7:30-7:45 and 3:00-3:30 in addition to our scheduled class times to visit the book fair. (See Flyer sent home last week for more information)

Lyons' Homeroom - Tuesday 10:00- 10:30

Crowson's Homeroom - Thursday 10:00-10:30

If you chose to send money with your child to spend at the book fair, PLEASE put it in a sealed envelope with his/her name.


Due on or before Friday 9/18

Packet includes:

Math 2.5-2.8

Science: All About Animals Cloze Activity (Page 45)

Social Studies: None

Review Excel completed in class- found in binder and practice Rainbow Math. (Keep cards in binder zipper pocket when not practicing. We will practice at school as well)

* Homework is a grade. Fully completed homework packets receive full credit, partially completed homework receives partial credit.

Click here for Unit 1 Math: Number Concepts

Use this link for math review, games, and extra practice for CHAPTER 2

Math This Week:

  • We will explore, count, write, and compare numbers to 20 in different ways.
  • We will look for patterns in numbers and use them to sort and classify.
  • We will compare numbers to 6 as greater than and less than.
  • We will compose and decompose number combinations of ten.

Chapter 2 Tested Vocabulary: add, part, whole, plus sign, equal sign, addition sentence, sum, zero, order, addend

Excel Lessons 15-18

We have started practicing Guided Math structures! I introduced Math Journals and iPad stations last week. This week we will continue with Math Journals, iPads, and will introduce Math Tubs (Math Games). Once the students understand how each station works, we can practice all stations at once. Once this happens, I will begin working with students in small groups. Ask your child what he/she is learning during this time and about the Guided Math rules and procedures and why we have them. (The rules and procedures allow the stations to work effectively. Promoting independent learning, partner learning, and small group instruction to meet the needs of all learners!)

Math Facts Report Card Information

Knowledge of math facts is a first grade skill included on report cards. Math fact grades will be based on Rainbow Math fact tests. Grades will be pulled from these tests. We have several wanting to test daily and some that have only tested by my request. Your child will do better on these tests with daily practice. Practicing the Rainbow Math takes less than 5 minutes a night. At minimum, your child should be testing once a week. This time frame is the only way to progress through 20 levels before the end of the year. For those who pass all 20 levels before the 3rd quarter will be challenging me to create a new 2nd grade system just for them!

10 addition levels (+1 through +10)

10 subtraction levels (-1 through -10)

Students only pass onto the next level after passing the oral test. Students should recall answers with automaticity. Knowing their math facts means they know the answer without having to count. Once they pass the oral test, they take the paper test. Report card grades are pulled from these test as well as the status of what level they are on.

End of Quarter 1 - Somewhere between levels +1 to +5

End of Quarter 2 - Somewhere between levels +6 to +10

End of Quarter 3 - Somewhere between levels -1 to -5

Quarter 4 - Finishing all levels -6 to -10 by mid/late April

Staying ahead of this schedule is the goal - this is just a guideline stretched out for those who need extra time. Report card grades will be calculated as the following.

(Mastery, Satisfactory, Working on)

M = Ahead of this range

S= Within this range

W= Below this range

Reading in Math This Week!

UNIT B: All About Animals

Key Vocabulary:

Mammal: an animal with hair or fur

Bird: an animal that has 2 legs, 2 wings, and feathers

Reptile: an animal that has dry skin covered with scales

Amphibian: an animal that lives on land and water

Fish: Group of animals that live under water. Most have scales

Insects: animals that have three body parts and six legs. Most lay eggs

Lesson 1: All Kinds of Animals

Lesson 2: What Animals Need to Live

Lesson 3: How Animals Eat Food

Lesson 4: Animals Grow and Change

Activities this week for project grades: (Extended from last week due to being out of our room for AC repairs)

  • Classify and sorting types of animals on poster boards
  • What animal am I? (Students will work together in teams to complete an unknown animal puzzle, and will then describe the animal to the class, using vocabulary terms.
  • Vocabulary Booklet - My book of BIG words

Social Studies

We will be working in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs book in class as well as talking about our Social Studies word of the day.