Child Abduction

By: Berlyn Salwey

What is abduction?

Abduction in criminal law, is taking away of a wife, child, or ward by fraud, persuasion, or by open violence (“Abduction”).

Some parents abduct their own child to punish the other parent, scared to lose custody or visitation rights, or protecting the child from a parent who is perceived to molest, abuse, or neglect the child (Klaas).
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These two girls are examples of abduction cases that survived.

“Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 5th, 2002. She was found alive nine months later on March 12,2003, in Sandy Utah 18 miles from, her home”(“Elizabeth”).
“Katie beers disappeared on December 28th, 1992, two days before her tenth birthday. On January 13th, 1993 she was found alive in the bunker after Esposito led police to it (“Katie”).
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“Chief executive of the charity Kidscape reminds parents to talk to children about ‘Stranger Danger’” (Fearn). Parents can prevent their child’s abduction by another parent by having everyone in contact with your child know their custody information.
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