Eat healthy, be fit, and live long!

By: Thirishikha & Gurleen


Healthy eating means eating foods that have nutrition, make you feel good and have energy.The nutrient should include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins and minerals. If you don't eat healthy foods then you can get chronical diseases like heart attack or stroke, cancer or hypertension.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is when your moving in some way like running, riding your bike, walking, playing, swimming, cooking, and skating. Kids ages of 8-13 should get 90 minutes of physical activity each day. Physical activity is important for your body because it decreases the risk of disease, makes your muscles stronger, and prevents weight gain. It is a great way to keep your body fit and healthy.


This video is about physical activity.
Stressing The importance of Children Being Active at a Young Age

Kids with high selfesteem

Kids with selfesteem will feel good about themselves, believe in themselves, see their good qualities, feel liked, loved, respected, except themselves, even when they make mistakes. Having high selfesteem helps your have the courage to try new things like making new friends. With selfesteem, you believe in yourself. You know that good things can happened when you try your best.

Kids with low selfesteem

Kids with low selfesteem don't feel good about themselves, don't think they are as good as others, thinks bad things about themselves, think of times they fail, rather than times they do well, give up easily and don't feel liked, excepted, or respected. Having low selfesteem can hurt you. Low selfesteem makes kids feel unsure about themselves. They doubt they can do as well as others, and have lack of confidence to go after their goals.


Eat healthy so you can have a healthy lifestyle

Excersize daily so your muscles can get stronger

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