Abbi Branham May 27,1999

"Even when everyone is watching, always be yourself."

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When I was born, I never really had a father figure around. I grew up with living with my mom, 2 little brothers, and an older sister. The people that influence me the most is my uncle, my grandpa, and my grandma. I have always been really close to my family and we are always there for each other when we need each other.

Characteristics About Abbi

I am a very outgoing person, I will go out of my way to help others, and even when I am going through a tough time I never let it affect me at school and I try to stay positive. An example of how I am this, is my mom works EMS, and is gone 24 hours every other day. This is tough sometimes having to grow up and make sure my brothers are taken care of, but maintain school and keeping good grades.


Ever since I was little, I have danced. Throughout my life I have attended 6 different dance schools. I have gone to Patterson, Kelly's on main, Miss Emily's Dance Place, Palmetto Dance Center, Carolina Performing Arts, Carolina Elite Dance Academy, and Dancing on Broad.

After School Activities

Most of the time I help out around the house when my mom is gone and help out with my brothers, but most days I always get to see Dalton. He's been in my life since my 8th grade year. Dalton is a senior at Camden and goes out of his way to make me happy. Sometimes we fight, but at the end of the day we get through everything and he's the kind of person you can't be around and stay sad. He's so positive and always puts me above everyone. Dalton honestly is a mirror of me, he is everything that I'm not and I'm everything he's not.