Colin Ferrer


Nile Beach Party!

Tuesday, March 3rd 3333 at 12am

Cairo, Giza, Egypt

Cairo, Cairo Governorate

In this party you will be able to swim in Nile with the crocodiles, make sand pyramids, and look at the triangular shape skyscrapers while sitting by an open camp fire! This party has been organized by your very own pharaoh! It will be held at the white side by the three giants.


I chose this audio because it is an original Egyptian song with the same type of instruments as the Egyptians used long ago.

Khufu's Biography

My name is Khnum I am the pharaoh of Egypt. I built the Great Pyramid of Giza. It took twenty years to construct and will be my final resting place. I was twenty years old when I took the throne in 2551. I have nine sons and fifteen daughters. My parents were King Snefru and Queen Hetepheres.