Mrs.Moxleys Class' Chocolate Sale

Only one day!!!!!

Listen To This!

Mrs.Moxleys class is selling some chocolate! Its dark chocolate! I hope you love chocolate.Well if you do get your money ready for January 9th 2015 at your lunch time. Thiers a limit one piece per customer,and Only $1.00!! Well I'm ready,woohoo for me!!!!
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For Sale!!!! $1.00!!!!!!!!

More Info

  1. Chocolates a medicene
  2. It helps everything from burns to coughs
  3. Chocolate is loved all around North America

We hope this is a good taste for you!!!

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Here is a direction page!

  • MDE
  • Cafeteria at !0:00 TO 12:00
  • Mrs.Moxleys Class
  • ENJOY AT HOME!!!!!