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DSIL VC Session 9 | TUESDAY | 20 October @ 11am Bangkok

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Dr. Daniel Steinbock, Lecturer at Stanford Program of Design

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Session Overview

Discussions of human-centered design thinking tend to focus heavily on design process, mindsets and methods. These are essential — but not enough to really succeed in integrating the human-centered approach into your work and organizations. Without a willingness to radically transform the working relationships among stakeholders in a project, 'design thinking' is only a fashionable name for business-as-usual, with only temporary or superficial impact on organizational culture. This session will dive deep into the three transformations that are critical to building a culture of creativity — in your team, in your organization, and within yourself — for lasting success with human-centered design.



  • Take 10 minutes to write a short reflection on your experiences with human-centered design. Answer the the following questions, according to your experience level.

  • Introductory: If you are new to human-centered design thinking, what aspect do you find the most challenging or most difficult to believe, and why?

  • Intermediate/Advanced: If you have experience practicing human-centered design process, what are the challenges you have faced in implementing the process in your work, your team, your organization. Why do you think they are challenges?

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Speaker Profile

Dr. Daniel Steinbock, Lecturer at Stanford Program of Design

Daniel is a designer, ethnographer, writer, and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, he lived and taught in Tokyo at Keio University’s graduate design school, where he developed and directed a joint program with the Royal College of Art (London) and Pratt Institute (New York). He completed Ph.D. studies at Stanford University in anthropology, design, and education.

In his teaching and design consulting work, the goal is to understand people and improve their lives through empathy and design.

He is also a singer-songwriter, a film photographer, a coder, and a fourth generation Bay Area native.

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