Strive to Survive

with a survival kit

What you need in a survival kit

  • Water. Water is essential for human life, and without it, you'd be gone in no time. Bring a gallon for each person.
  • Food. Bring non-perishable food items, which can be prepared with little to no items.
  • Flashlight. If you're stuck in the wild, you'll need to see at night. Make sure to bring a flashlight.
  • First aid kit. Before you run off with a first aid kit, make sure you have what's needed in it; Batteries for your flashlight, medication, gauze pads, bandages, scissors, 1 blanket, aspirin, first aid booklet, and tweezers.
  • Multi Purpose Tool. You'll need this for many reasons. Opening or cutting things, this'll do the job.
  • Cell Phones and Chargers. You need phones to contact each other in case of an emergency.
  • Whistle. You'll need a whistle to signal to people where you are.
  • Rain Gear. You'll need rain gear in case it starts to rain. You don't want to be sick in the wilderness.

Why Water is Important to us

  • Water is essential to all living things
  • You can only survive two to three days without water. Make sure to bring plenty!
  • The human body contains 50-75% water, which means we always need it.
  • The body can not store water, which is why it's important to replenish yourself often
  • Water helps cell function

Don't Overpack

Make sure to bring your essentials first when packing. You don't want to make your backpack too heavy, or else you'll have trouble carrying it.
What To Pack In A Survival Kit