Week 1 Wrap-Up

Best. Summer. Ever

Staff Feedback

With all changes to summer school, it is imperative that we are gathering feedback from classroom teachers. With one week under your belt, it is now time to be thinking about how you plan to get feedback from staff at your site. It could be a discussion post similar to what Bret and I are using with you or you might choose to create a Google survey and post it under the Feedback button on your site Canvas page. The format does not matter but be sure that you have something in place.

Thank you for your feedback thus far. Keep it coming!

Extra, Extra!

Here is a great article from the NewsLeader about Summer School.

Our curriculum department has hit this one out of the park. Authentic student engagement is off the charts this year.


Twitter is a great way to grow your #PLN or Personal Learning Network and continue in your own professional learning. My favorite thing about Twitter is that I can learn whenever and wherever I want. I encourage you to make a Twitter presence during the next three weeks by tweeting pictures of the learning happening in your building using the hashtag #SummeratSPS.

If you're interested in providing resources to your staff, here is a great blog to get you started. #instructionalleadership

Your #challenge: Can you help at least one summer staff member join Twitter?

You could make a quick survey in Canvas to assess who's already plugged in and who needs help. Then, you could publish a list of your staff with their handles (@OfficialSPS) so you can assist in growing everyone's PLN. It's quick, easy and FUN!

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Enrollment Numbers

It's time to clean up enrollment numbers! If you have students who haven't shown up yet but they still appear on the rosters, please give the family a call before dropping the student. It's not too late to join the fun!

Teacher/Staff Evaluations

Evaluation forms for both certified and classified staff are on our Canvas page. As you make daily classroom visits, I recommend keeping notes so you can compile them for the final evaluation during week 4. Celebrate the successes you see (maybe in your weekly newsletter or on Twitter). If you see a struggling teacher, don't be shy to find out what's going on so you can provide immediate support.

Classroom Walkthroughs

Next week you will receive information on the CWT form we will be using this year. This will be imperative data collection that will be used in our Board report. More information to come.