What do you do when no one notices?

I'll make a list of things that you might want to do.

Here is the list.

1. Keep doing it, sooner or later people are going to notice.

2. Try something new, some things appeal to some people more than others.

3. Try to do the same thing, but tweak it or do another so that it can appeal to more than one taste.

4. Try, try and try.

5. Ask people!

6. Tell a friend, because they will have more friends to talk to.

7. Show the world what you can do, maybe make a video, or write about it!

8. Let it go, but this is not recommended.

9. Get together with other people, and share your ideas with each other, you never know that they could be interested.

10. Just do what you do best, it will work in the long haul.

11. Just continue with what you have, if people notice, you know you've done something right.