Santa Cruz

Stewart Flores 2016

Mission History

Santa Cruz was built in August 28,1791 and dedicated in May 10,1794. This mission number is 12th. The Mission was built by the Yokuts, Costanouns and Awaswas. The founder of the mission was Fr.Fermin Francisco de Lasuen. There were about 523 people in the mission. The important dates were 1825 church damaged by earthquake, and in 1858 frame church built on the site. It location is the city of Santa Cruz.

Daily Life

The Awaswas tribe of the Cotanoans family an early by other Cotanoans. Women job prepare the food, thread wove cloth sewed and made soap and candles. The men job was to farm they built the blacksmith and and they made leather goods and tools. The children job was to make sure that all neophyte where working and none have ran away. The crops they grow were wheat and corn. There was a school and a church in the mission. They had free time at 7:00 pm, The daily schedule was 6:00 am the mission bell rang to wake everyone at the mission and at the ranchero, at 6:00-6:30 time for prayers, 6:30 am breakfast 12: 00 lunch, 1:00 pm a rest period called a siesta, 3:00 pm everone retarned to work, 5:00 pm dinner, 6:00 pm evenings, 7:00 pm free time, 8:00 bed time for women, 9:00 bed time for men.

Mission Today

The mission is open it located it in peaceful litte park protected from the near by trarrlc of downtown. There are a church today with service there mass Monday through Friday at 8:00 am. The mission is still open and has a museum. There are two main attraction a replica building with a chapel courtyard and gift shop.


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