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February 2015

This newsletter will give monthly updates on what's happening in 3rd grade Primary Talent Pool, and 4th/5th grade Gifted and Talented groups. Other than the reminders I have included for you, it is written by the students. My 3rd grade language arts group is in charge of entering and editing the material each month.


  • Dreamfest is Thursday, March 12th, for 4th and 5th grades. Thank you for getting the permission slips back to me so quickly, and thank you to the parents who will be joining us as chaperones. We are all looking forward to an exciting day of fun and learning!

District Governor's Cup

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Congratulations to Javier, Jadyn, Brandon, and Elijah. They each tested, and placed, in the district Governor's Cup competition on Saturday, February 28th. They will move on to regionals on March 21st! This will take place at Southern Elementary School in Pendelton County.

3rd Grade

4th & 5th Grade

3rd Grade Language Arts


In the video, some of us are singing a short song for the IDEAS trait of writing.

Here are the lyrics:

I put my pencil in the air sometimes.

Singing A-O! I got ideas!

I’m gonna’ write my lists and stay on topic.

Singing A-O! I got ideas!

I’m gonna’ write my thoughts.

Make my ideas clear.

Tell the reader what I know

and what I hold most dear.

Singing A-O! I got ideas!

February: Gracie and Madison

We have been working on the Idea trait writing. Some important questions to ask are:
What is my message?
Is my message clear?
Did I do my best to make it interesting?
Did I include enough information?

Madison's Favorite Activity

We used QR codes for one activity that I liked. The slip of paper has a scanner on that we scan with the iPad. It goes to a website where you read an article, and find the main idea and important details. I read a science one about why popcorn pops! Then I explained to my group what the main idea and important details were, and I drew a picture to go with the article.

Gracie's Favorite Activity

Ms. B gave us pictures of towers that she built out of Legos. There were two different ones. We had to rebuild it with a partner, and then write directions for another group. When we switched, Ms. B took away the pictures and we had to use the directions the last group wrote. If we didn't write the details just right then the other groups would build the wrong tower. The right details were important!

You will see a picture of Madison and me below.

We both want to say that we had fun doing animal books! Madison's animal was a deer and mine was a dolphin.


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