Tech Tidbits

Early Fall 2015

Tech Talk: Come talk about how we have been using technology at CHS this year.

Who: K-3rd grade parents

When: Monday, December 7th at 8:30 am

Please RSVP by 12/1 so we can plan accordingly.

Shapes, Colors and Coding

Preprimary students identified colors and shapes on the mat and then wrote code to navigate from one shape to another. The code was written using arrows and those arrows were then followed as corresponding buttons were pushed on the BeeBot's back and it moved accordingly.

Preprimary and Primary use Osmo-Tangrams to manipulate shapes

Kindergartners Make a Color Collage

Partners chose a color and then went on a hunt for items of that color to capture with photographs. Those photos were uploaded to Pic Collage and manipulated to form a personalized collage. The text tool was selected and partners typed the name of the color. These collages were then hung in the classroom so Kindergartners could be exposed to color names for potential classroom work.

Seesaw, the Learning Journal

Students are using Seesaw to capture schoolwork and reflect on it. Kindergarten - Third Grade parents can now have a snapshot of their own child's day. Parents can use their child's Seesaw items to spark conversations about the day. Sample converations might start with:

"I see that you can count by---. Let's count by --- together."

"I see you are making patterns in class. Can we make one together?"

"Your portrait was so detailed. What materials did you use to make it?"

If you'd like to know more about Seesaw, please join us for the Tech Talk mentioned at the top of this newsletter.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship ties in beautifully with our school values. Our activities began with age appropriate lessons.

Kindergartners began by learning that they can go to exciting places online but they need to follow certain fules to remain safe.

3 Rules for Traveling Safely on the Internet:

1. Always ask your parent or teacher first

2. Only talk to people you know

3. Stick to place that are just right for you.

First and Second graders began by learning that they should stay safe online by choosing websites that are good for them to visit and avoid sites that are not appropriate for them. Traffic light colors are used to represent safety.

A “green” website is:

• A good site for kids your age to visit

• Fun, with things for you to do and see

• Has appropriate words

• Doesn’t let you talk to people you don’t know

A “yellow” website is:

• A site you are not sure is right for you

• One that asks for information such as who you are, where you live, your phone number or email address, etc.

• A place where you are allowed to communicate freely with others

A “red” website is:

• A site that is not right for you

• A place you might have gone to by accident

• Filled with things that are for older kids or adults

Third graders recently worked on information literacy and credible sources. They used their background knowledge about explorers along with 2 websites to determine which website had accurate information. After working with their partner to aquire the information, they collaborated with another pair to compare findings.

If you'd like to know more about Digital Citizenship, please join us for the Tech Talk mentioned at the top of this newsletter.