Energy Efficiency

Liberty, Clayton


Insulated Vinyl: This is a relatively conservative green choice. Using traditional Vinyl with a rigid foam insulation behind the siding to improve Efficiency.

Insulated vinyl is a rather cheap choice for siding costing 20 percent more than regular siding. But having a R-3 thermal rating cheeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

This choice offers: affordable, easy to install, attractive, and durable; while costing only slightly more than regular vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement: Fiber Cement is another choice for siding your house. A cheap option and easy enough to use. This option provides a strong and extremely durable siding.

Fiber Cement is: Fire Resistant, Strong, Termite resistant, incredibly durable, and cheap.

While Fiber Cement and basicly a 0 on the R scale it is great at ensuring your home is crack free and no air is leaking out.

Wood Siding: Wood siding is a great choice, It acts like a natural insulator and looks great.

Wood siding while good has down sides. Wood requires constant care. Requiring a new Finnish on it every 5 years and being some what fragile and also the most expensive choice on the list.

However wood siding looks great and insulates your home on its own. Getting a solid 1 on the R scale. With wood siding your home looks good and the siding helps retain your home's climate for you.

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