Sorry to Sally ugliano

By Daniel Ramos

Sorry to Sally

Dear, Sally

I want to say that I am so sorry for what happen last night and for killing you if you wouldn't been in my way I would've done that, by the ways I know you wanted to protect your child and I would do the same thing for my child.

I also have obligations because Hades tells me what to do and I had no choice and if i don't do what he tells me he'll punish me.

I have issues like i get angry because bulls get angry and i am a Minotaur and i miss my horn because i got stuck on the tree and i had no choice than pull it off and it hurts

Well i hope you accept my apologize

Sincerely, Minotaur

Sally accepted my apology

Dear, Minotaur

Minotaur i will accept your apology because in life we all make mistakes and forgiveness is good why? because if i was you i wrote an apology letter to you will you forgive, so if you forgive they will forgive you to