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College and Career Readiness : November Issue


Uzziah, an HSE senior

Uzziah, an HSE senior who has been accepted to both Concordia University and Texas Tech University, said the moment he discovered he had been accepted into both universities was unbelievable. “I was surprised since it came out of nowhere. I just got an email one day and it said I had been accepted into Concordia. About two weeks ago, I was in the car with my mom and I got a congratulatory email from Texas Tech. My mom pulled the car over and gave me a hug. I can’t wait to see what it feels like to be a Raider!” HPS Austin Highlights: November 2018 Edition
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PERLA: "Dear upcoming seniors, I encourage y’all to appreciate all the things the teachers, counselors and admins do. Because the senior breakfast, senior shirts, Six Flags, and many other activities are provided by them. In my perspective, I looked forward and still am looking forward to this events because senior year is an exciting year. I encourage all of you to take your senior year seriously and also get some fun out of it because time flies."

AMARIS: "Senior year came around and everything started to happen very fast. You will have to send your SAT scores, write a resume, get letters of recommendation, and balance work from other classes. All of the stress from freshman, sophomore, and junior year was worth it, because when it came time to writing about activities I was involved in, the advanced classes I took, and about myself, I had so much to say. The only thing that I didn't take very serious was studying for the SAT. Study every day for 15-20 minutes, it will make a difference!

The first months are extremely stressful. Do a little bit every day. The sooner you get everything done, the faster you will be able to relax."

ARUBA: "As a senior I would recommend, knowing your timelines. It is a good idea to research universities in advance; have an idea about early action, early decision and regular decision applications' due dates. Also, have your FAFSA, ApplyTexas and Common Application accounts done in time. I have received help from Mrs.Tunc, Mr.Ozguven and Mr. Robey, because of them I have met all my timelines. So, do not be afraid to ask for help!"


"From applying for financial aid, submitting college essays and waiting to hear back from universities, the college application process can be one of the most exhilarating and nerve-wrecking experiences for high school seniors. Through their hard work and determination, this experience for thirty-seven seniors at Harmony School of Excellence has ended in the joyful news of college acceptance!" HPS Austin Highlights: November 2018 Edition

100% : Applied to at least 1 college

81% : Accepted to at least 1 college

Mr. Ozguven: College Readiness Teacher

Mrs. Tunc: College Counselor


HSE AUSTIN AT HPS Austin Highlights: November 2018 Edition

"At Harmony School of Excellence - Austin, a special senior tradition comes in the form of a t-shirt. For the fifth consecutive year, teachers and administrators have sponsored all 57 seniors for their senior t-shirts. The sponsorship not only ensures that all seniors get to walk away with a memento of their senior year, but they also serve as a reminder of the unique bond that forms between teacher and student." HPS Austin Highlights

"Many Thanks to all of our teachers and administrators who sponsored this great tradition we have at our school. You guys are amazing! You are going above and beyond for our students. Thank to all of your efforts, Seniors are having remarkable memories of their senior year."

Mr. Agil Sharifov

HSE-Austin Principal

Huston-Tillotson University Visits HSE-Austin seniors

teals and intel guest speakers for high school students

Harmony School of Excellence motivates students into tech industry and STEM

"We've had 2 speakers come and explain their careers in computer programming to us. They were really eye-opening experiences. We learned a lot but had fun at the same time. We got to look at an Arduino kit and look into different careers. We also got to program and code toy cars and have a friendly competition with each other. We really enjoyed these speakers and I hope we can have more in the future." Nayeli V. Class of 2020!

Turn Your Efforts Into Scholarships

The College Board has launched a new scholarship program with $5 million of scholarships each year, beginning with the class of 2020.

If you would like to earn micro-scholarships as early as 9th grade and discover your path to the best college for you, here is the website you may discover.

Let's get your students into the college or career of their dreams!

New Scholarship Opportunities at Texas State!


We will have a representative from Herff Jones visit to discuss orders for cap&gowns/diploma cover and other senior memorabilia. He will come on December 11th at 1:45 to give you order forms and talk about orders and he will come back on January 8th to take orders. Parents are invited to both memorabilia information sessions.

Become a speaker for our Career Talk Series

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Meet the College Counselor

HSE College Counseling department is pleased to announce that "Counselor's Corner" will become the monthly newsletter for our department! The newsletter will come out the last Friday of each month and will be sent by email and posted on our website and social media. On the newsletter we will include important information, deadlines and summaries of event we had during the month. Thank you for letting me be a part of your road to college!

Mrs. Rahime Tunc, BA in Psychology

College Counselor 8th-12th

T-STEM Coordinator

PLTW Site Coordinator

Campus Dual Credit Coordinator