Sullivan SIC

School Improvement Council

The School Improvement Council Members

Parent and Chair: Mary Ann Kennedy

Parent and Vice: Chair, Hollie Yi

Parent and Secretary: Alice Davis

Parent: Matt Blackston

Teacher: Stephanie Peavy

Teacher: Megan Woodall

Community Member: Rev. Suzanne Ringer, Oakland Baptist Church

Community Member: Judy Rauppius, National Alliance on Mental Illness (N.A.M.I.)

Community Member: Dr. Dave Vawter, Winthrop University College of Education professor

Community Member: Julia Beaty, Carolina Family Engagement Center

Parent and PTO President (Ex-Officio Member): Izabela Haas


We would like to introduce a newsletter the SIC has developed to go out monthly after our meetings from us, as parents, to you, as parents, about Sullivan and how we can best help our own kids! One of the biggest things we hear at SIC meetings is that we are all lost when it comes to using Canvas. Below is a link we found helpful and there is information on this in every update the school issues weekly.

Please take a moment to view our newsletter below to learn about the things the SIC is doing, and to get some tips on dealing with student anxiety.

Your SIC Council Members!