Important Facts about VBAC

Gold Coast Expectant Mothers Should Know

Important Facts about VBAC Gold Coast Expectant Mothers Should Know

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Are you expecting a second baby after having had a caesarean for your first child? If so, then you may receive conflicting advice about the best type of birth procedure for you. Many women who have had a c-section for the first child will want to have a natural birth (vaginal birth, or VB) for the second child, but this is often discouraged. Women are warned that it might be harder to have a VB after a C-section, and in fact there is a whole sphere of midwifery known as VBAC, or “vaginal birth after caesarean”, which looks at ways to help women in this position. If you want to know more about natural birth after having had a c-section, then you’ll want as much knowledge as possible to help you make an informed decision.

Is it safe to have a c-section?

In the past, needing a c-section meant that women would never be able to give birth naturally again. There was a high risk of damage to both mother and child, and so most women who wanted more than one child after the c-section were obliged to have repeated caesareans for following children. In practical terms, this often limited the family size, and women were also forced to have an uncomfortable and extremely serious operation for each child.

In the modern world, the use of VBAC has become more popular, as there are more midwives and expert obstetricians who are able to help women to give birth naturally. If you are contemplating a VBAC Gold Coast mothers will still have to find a location that can perform a c-section operation in an emergency, in order to ensure they and their child are both safe.

Why should I consider a VBAC?

There are many reasons why women should consider returning to natural births after a c-section. Firstly, natural birth is still the most convenient way of delivering a child, and results in less postnatal pain and a shorter recovery time. Secondly, if you want more children after the natural birth, then a VBAC becomes the best method, and each delivery after the caesarean makes the natural birth easier and faster.

What are the risks?

In delivery terms, around a quarter of women who attempt VBAC will need to have a caesarean section in order to deliver their child. This is known as 'failed trial' labour, and there is an increased risk of complication. The most serious risk of a VBAC Gold Coast mothers face is a rupture, whereby the child forces its way through the uterus wall and ends up in the abdominal cavity. In these cases, the uterus might have to be removed. However, this complication is extremely rare, but practitioners are required by law to inform new mothers of all the risks involved with childbirth.

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