SLCS District Update

February 11 , 2021

Note from the Superintendent

Greetings SLCS Families,

We are encouraged that vaccine availability is continuing to increase in our area and some groups of our school personnel have been able to schedule their vaccinations. It is not uncommon for some individuals to experience strong side effects, especially after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. Some of these symptoms may cause a staff member to fail the health screener and be required to remain home until the symptoms subside or they receive a negative Covid-19 test. As batches of the vaccine continue to be released and waves of our staff are able to schedule appointments, there may be instances where our ability to maintain in-person instruction in individual classrooms or schools may be impacted. If this occurs, families will be notified via Skylert and remote learning information will be provided for that day.

On another note, it was extremely exciting to visit the secondary schools this week and find the halls, classrooms, and cafeterias buzzing with increased student activity. The smiles on the student’s faces and the positive energy from students and staff members was refreshing to observe.

Have a safe and restful weekend!

Steve Archibald

Secondary Families

As a reminder, all secondary hybrid students now have the ability to attend school in-person up to four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Wednesdays continue to be a remote learning day for all secondary hybrid students.

Elementary Families

For elementary schools, the third trimester of the year ends on March 19th. As we shared with the community in the fall, opportunities for elementary students to change pathways in March will be limited to an individual basis and/or based on staffing and space.

Please call the main office of your child’s school by Friday, March 5th if you wish for your student(s) to move from the Virtual Learning Pathway to the Hybrid In-Person/Remote Pathway.

Few spaces remain open for Hybrid In-Person/Remote classrooms. Please be aware that all requests made prior to March 5th will be considered but very few will be granted due to space limitations. Due to current class sizes, your child will likely need to remain in the Virtual Learning Pathway for the remainder of the school year.

Special Education

Having a child with special needs can be challenging. Just like all parents we feel the guilt, stress, fear and worry about our children. However, there are other challenges that parents of children with special needs may experience too. For many, our ability to be attentive in a stressful environment, like formal school meetings/conferences, can be limited. With limited attentiveness, parents may hear but not listen to and process important information. Not processing important information has consequences - sometimes negative consequences which impact a child’s future. Therefore, our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) representatives are looking to YOU - parents of students with disabilities - to help create a resource for other parents. Let’s learn from each other by sharing what we have discovered along the journey of caring for a child with a disability.

Please take a moment to complete the “What I Wish I Knew” survey. Think about what you have learned along the way that might help another parent who is going through the same process. What did you find out later that might have changed your position or decision for the education of your child? Below are a few examples to get you started:

I wish I knew…(please include the "why" - what would you have done differently?)

* that when a child is being educated on an alternative elementary curriculum (e.g. Essential Elements) they will likely be unprepared to earn a high school diploma. I would have pressed harder to keep my child in the general education classroom.

* that starting in third grade, reading instruction shifts from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” I would have requested that more focus be placed on literacy IEP goals.

You are encouraged to submit multiple responses - at the end of this survey, you will be given the option to submit another.

"What I Wish I Knew" Survey Link

Food Service

Effective, Monday, February 8, 2021, both Middle and High Schools will be expanding their menu to cover 4 days of service.

Lunch will be offered, free, to all students who are attending in person class.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Meals are set up as a “Grab and Go” with choices of hot or cold entrees. A free meal consists of entrée, fruit, vegetable and milk.

Wednesday’s Lunch is offered as a “Take Home” to all students every Tuesday, starting February 9. Students can stop by outside the cafeteria on Tuesday’s after school to pick up Wednesday lunch and 5 breakfasts.

Tuesday “Take Home” meals consist of:

(5) Breakfast, (5) Juice and (5) 8oz Milk

(1) Lunch, (1) Fruit, (1) Vegetable and (1) 8oz Milk

Ala Carte Milk: .50 cents (Milk is only free with a school lunch.)

Supply Chain Struggles: Menu is subject to change, if product is not available from the manufacturer.

Menu items will be replaced with something similar or a different item.

Menu is located on the District Website under the Food Service Department.


Reminder that students will need to keep their face mask on during the entire ride to/from school.

Students will be assigned a seat by the driver. When possible, they will be seated with a sibling. It is possible students may be seated with someone they do not know.

Drivers will try to space students out however there are some routes where social distancing is not possible. It is important to use hand sanitizer and keep face mask on the entire ride to/from school.

Remember to not send their child on the bus/to school if they are showing symptoms of illness.

Note: In regards to bus drivers wearing face masks - there may be situations where it is not safe for the bus driver to wear a facial covering. If it hinders their driving in any way, they are allowed to pull it down.