Weathering+ Erosion+Deposition+soil


Weathering is the wear down and breaking down of something by the weather.

-Physical weathering is weathering from force and contact from other materials.

-Chemical weathering is the desintergration of rocks made by chemical reactions.

-Biological weathering is the breaking apart of rocks by plants.


Erosion is the movement of the sediments of broken down rock.

-one example of erosion is the Grand Canyon

-another place is Pilot Mt.


Deposition is the the lay down of moving sediments.

-An example is the Sand dunes in Egypt.

-Another example is beaches in California.


Soil is made up of all kinds of things like dirt and humus and remains of organic materials.

-Soil is used to grow crops or really most of plants.

-Soil is so important in north carolina because we grow lots of crops in NC and also without it we would die.

-Cecil soil is found in NC. it is a very deep, well drained moderately permeable soils. like in the pic below.

-One type of soil conservation is crop rotation. And that is when a farmer changes out crops each year so he/shes' farm doesn't lose nutrients.

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Weathering, Erosion and Deposition