Love of School is in the Air!

It's time to ramp up the learning in Room 222

What we have accomplished so far...

This year has blown by so far. We have improved so much in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. We've learned how to add and subtract huge numbers, multiply 3-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers, and most recently divide. In our writing, we have started to be more technical writers than storytellers. We have also dug deeper into texts to pull out more and more meaning than ever before. In science, we are applying the scientific method to the resources the world has given to us. All together, we have become more thoughtful and intentional in our learning. Thank you for your support and guidance you give your child. I loved meeting with each of you during Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you for coming and investing in your child's future.

If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love. - Maya Angelou

Fun Friday Valentines Party

Valentines is coming up next week! We will be having a little shindig Friday afternoon for our Fun Friday activity. Our focus will be on manners! If any of you would like to help, please contact me or Jessica Francom. In order to attend, each student will have to have all of their work turned in before school Friday morning. I would love for every student to come, so please remind him or her to get all work turned in. Below is our class list for Valentines. Everyone will participate in the Valentines exchange; the Fun Friday party will need to be earned. It's going to be a great time!


























Valentine's Day Boxes/Bags

As I am new here at Edith Bowen, I asked around and was told that 4th graders usually make their own Valentine boxes at home. So that's what we will be doing this year! Please keep it simple. I told the kids that it should be able to fit in their locker as a general rule. I hope this will be a fun activity at home. If for some reason you can't get one done, I will make some at school for kids to have. Thanks and have fun!
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Ski Day Options

Due to my recent injury, I will not be skiing on ski day. I will, however, be in the lodge playing games with students who do not want to ski. I would love to see all of the students up at Beaver Mountain even if they don't want to ski. Mr. Johnson also mentioned that if your child does not want to come at all to ski day, the absence will not be marked as an absence. In addition, parents are welcome to come up to ski day, but will have to have their own ride. Only students and teachers will be allowed to ride the bus up and back. If you want to take your child home with you, please provide the teachers with a written note, so all children can be accounted for. Thanks for your help and support! It will be a really fun day!

View or Download Your Child's Division Video

Everyone did an amazing job on their division videos. Here is the link to view or download each video. I showed Mr. Johnson, and he was blown away! We should be able to do a few more video projects this school year.

How to get your video:

  1. Click the link below
  2. Click on the video you want to watch
  3. Click Download File in the top left corner of the black screen
  4. Wait for your video to start playing. If you are on a regular computer, not a tablet, then the video will also be saved to your downloads folder.