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EDUX 9930: Developing Curriculum to Engage All Learners for 2016-2017

This graduate course is designed to inspire/reward teachers for the work they complete during the summer. The structure is simple, yet the projects that are completed are meaningful and very useful to the teacher and to the future success of the district and it's students. The Orientation Online has been created for you in place of a face-to-face orientation. This short video will explain the basics of the course and give you a good understanding as to why teachers and adminstration love this course.

The Dominican University of California's Summer Professional Development Course, EDUX 9930 Developing Curriculum to Engage All Learners for 2016-2017 is the solution for educators that spend seemingly endless hours during the summer preparing for the upcoming school year.

Earn up to 6 graduate credits with this simple 3-step process


Glee Brechler

Southwest Wisconsin & Dubuque, IA

Professional Development Coordinator