Hurried Child Syndrome

Don't Let Your Child Be a Victim

What is "Hurried Child Syndrome"?

It isn't something a doctor can diagnose and they can't pass it on to their friends, so what is it? "Hurried Child Syndrome" is a condition in which a child's life is over-scheduled and they are expected to do much more than they can handle. Unfortunately, there isn't just one cause to this symptom making it harder for it to be controlled.

Hurried Children

There are many ways you can see that the children of this era are hurried. Some children are more evident than others, but most children these days are effected by this syndrome. Your child might be experiencing "hurried child syndrome" and you might not even realize it. Possible things that lead a child to be hurried are an over-scheduled lifestyle, an excessive use of technology, or a difficult life in general, whether it be divorce or loss of a parent.

Symptoms include:


-Stomach illness



-Not wanting to deal with adults at school

Let them be a kid now before its too late

Do you see it?

It is on the television. It's walking down the hallways at school. Its even at the grocery store. You see kids every where who are dressed out of their age, who have cell phones, who are taking care of their brothers or sisters. There are signs of "hurried child syndrome" every where. Is your child a victim?